10 thoughts on “Twitter Tips Videos removed from You-Tube

  1. lol better watch out, youtube ads seem to think this video is about waxing. better put a shirt on or they gonna be fixing to wax your chest.

  2. your welcome brett! slowly all my content will be on my site with heads ups posted here.. slowly stave the machine like they do us!

  3. Wondering here,i wonder if that “almost plane jacking”the five days before the shooting ,if anywhere near st george,utah, they were having a drill? Like some dude just happens to jump over a fence and finds the one jet with keys in it,he wrecked the wing,so shoot himself, and he just happened to have a rug on him from colorado to go over the fence,ok i’ll buy that for on shiny wooden nickel

  4. lol it worked although i usually check it anyway but few of my friends are collecting strikes for re uploading Olympic ceremonies ..youtube been back at it this last week..
    Much peace

  5. title was a little directional that youtube did this..lol thanks for heads up but that was close one to add to youtube list..

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