25 thoughts on “TWITTER TIPS & TGIF! Kinsey Schofield (YHN) – Awkward Talks with Girls #18.1 (Black Nerd)

  1. you two clicked incredibly well!!!! by the why i subbed!!!! i would sub a thousand times over if i could hahaha

  2. awww man you make me sad *sniffles*………*thinks about commiting suicide*…………*commits suicide*.THIS was your fault.

  3. I did and after watching all the flirty banter I want to take back the long lost twin part because that would be weird lol

  4. I try, I try, but they just find me so cute & cuddly, I can’t help but turn from Awkward to… well… whatever I am in these videos 🙂

  5. And this was shot a while back, so she looks even different now. Check her out on Young Hollywood.

  6. Dude…I saw the first part of a Skylanders vid you did with Rob and it was hilarious. I’m sure people love to see you do some gameplay.  Maybe “Awkward Games with Girls” lol.

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