8 thoughts on “Twitter Tips For YouTubers – Don’t Promote Just Your Videos Ep. 1

  1. It can be for certain things. I definitely love Google+, but there are more people using twitter as of right now….so it’s good to be on both, but I think there are some great ways to reach new people on twitter as well.

  2. i think for youtuber twitter is better than google+ to be honest i have a google+ but i don’t post much and i’m not on much. so twitter is better for me.

  3. Most definitely case by case basis…but there are some basic habits that people kind of expect now from Twitter….is such a magical place.

    My brother does use Twitter for news now, but those are from networks so it’s kinda expected they only tweet their content, but this is more geared towards individual content creators….which is a good majority of the YouTube community looking for some online marketing help.

  4. In a perfect world where everyone had a youtube account and checked there subscription feed every day, then yes that’s true, but that’s not the case. But the reality is many people use twitter every day and only go on youtube to watch videos there sent a link to.
    Your tip is good for some people; just not universally. I just think advice on what people tweet about is better to be given on a case by case basis.

  5. Oh well…well then I’d just not follow them on twitter to keep things simple in your situation. Twitter is for sharing and getting personal, if videos is what someone needs..then YouTube subscriptions is perfect for that!

  6. If someone makes great videos, sometimes that’s all I want to know about.
    I don’t think this tip of your is great advice for everyone.

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