25 thoughts on “TIPS: Healthy,Glowy,Sexy Skin!

  1. jarmaine i love this video!!! could you please check out my beauty channel? i just uploaded a hair layering video and my first ootd.. you’re a huge inspiration!!!

  2. I wish I had a sis like u. I’m only child and sometimes it’s hard to find motivation. Great vid.

  3. I eat my avocados plain with a little sea salt they’re delicious that way but they also take good mixed in with your regular meals like on a turkey or plain burger, with eggs and peppers in an omelette, Or on a turkey sandwich Yum!! Just try it out and see what works for you 🙂

  4. Ok yes all those things may influence how “glowy” appears but she does have something on her skin to amplify the glowiness, maybe lotion or something. I’m just sayin. Nonetheless she looks fab!

  5. Im from Puerto Rico and you guys in the states eat the avocado (which we call aguacate) extreeeemely ripe, it’s so ripe it looks black! it normally looks dark green, that’s so odd to me.

  6. noooo don’t drink one of those bottles an hour, that’s too much water and that can be bad for you. IT CAN KILL YOU BRO. just sayin’
    but ily jarmaine c:

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  8. You need to do a video on your accents. I was laughing throughout most of the video. Like this so she can see guys!!!!

  9. oh and also you said yu wash your face every other day..do you find it better than washing it every day??

  10. drinking water every hour is too much and could lead to over hydration. a bottle about every 2 hours is recommended.

  11. I dont think there is such thing as monosaturated fat. There is monoUNsaturated fat, but that is actually really good for you.

  12. comments: lots of greens yes, not everything that says organic is,  LEMON + water is better major detox and skip the bottle water and turn on the damn tap (if u don’t trust it boil it first), avocado can be used as a mask!! that’s my thoughts but take a look its in a book!

  13. So informative video yet not boring to watch, full of humor I enjoyed watching. Thank you so much for this nice video as well as for the tips. I’ll be changing my diet after watching this video.

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