25 thoughts on “Friday Nights With Rykin: Ep 5 ‘200th video and Twitter tips for the Wolf Pack!’

  1. Thanks Rykin:) i love this series haha! Hope to see some of the wolfpack to
    get me to 600 <3

  2. Nope but you were the channel that gave me the idea guess we will call your
    channel ground zero !

  3. Mazzoo969 & Thy7th are great Youtubers and highly recommended if you have
    not subscribed to them, great active Youtubers, and I mean active, not just
    in the sense they have videos often either, but the real definition,
    they’re both individuals you want to roll with. 7:50 get a room guys! 😀
    9:24 seriously, get a room guys 😛 GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy! Rykin’s facial
    expression ftw lol Rykin’s going to need to get shitfaced to forget that
    one. GayyyyyyyYyyy. TBC…

  4. 9:36 Lmfao i think i cried a little there:) Hey rykin waz up man great
    showcase and congrats on the 200 vids just don’t get too drunk on my
    birthday, yep u heard it right june 7th is the best day in this week just
    turned 15 now, might make a vid maybe some saint rows 3 gameplay.or
    something. i can’t believe that u hate summer:P its the BEST season
    man.Checked out everybody even the ones im subed to already.P.s don’t
    forget protection when ur with Thy7th GAY!!

  5. One simple answer get a a/c, problem solved lol 7th I’ve been with some of
    the girls if u know what i mean. just don’t get to freaky when it comes to
    the present:)

  6. Happy Birthday Dude =D hope you had a really good day! I is Irish it will
    way more then 2 shots to spin me over =D

  7. im subbed to 3 apart from dragonbreath ill check him out now mazzoo and 7th
    are utubers to have on ur subs great guys hahaha dont forget ya purple
    panties rykin congrats on the 200th vid rykin m8 lookin forward to watchin
    a lot more from u twitter i like for the vids updates and i talk to my subs
    that i havent got on either facebook or skype pass it forward m8 is great
    idea and im glad to be a part of it and helpin subs and future subs out
    great showcase rykin

  8. DAMN NICE CHANNEL! You have some freaking good content no like! didnt know
    u had a youtube lol I Subscribed keep it up 🙂

  9. Rykin, so when should I come over 😉 Thanks for inviting me on the showcase
    and taking a shot in my honor.

  10. sorry i watched this a bit i was away. i have subbed to most of the people
    :). when is the barn podcast coming back? can someone send me a link so i
    can pass it on !?? ‘question of the week’ what couldn’t you live with out :
    you tube or twitter/facebook

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