PNG Images in Web Design

Images are the parts of website content and they are implemented in several formats. One of the most popular image formats is the PNG and it was developed originally in the middle 90s as an alternative solution to the inadequate GIF format images. Since the web designers (including the ones who built Plain found themselves short of support for the PNG format from various browsers they were using it only sparingly.

PNG found a large obstacle in Internet Explorer of Microsoft the most popular internet browser because it did not extend much support to this format of image files. The drawback however was largely resolved by the release of the Internet Explorer 7 and the various hacks of Java Scripts. The PNG is back in business and has become popular more so now. There three attributes that make PNG the most liked image format for designing website content.

  1. Transparency

Compared to GIF, the PNG format offers lesser transparency because it is versatile unlike the former that could only save a particular color either transparent or opaque. With PNG you can use it as a textured or gradient background or watermark, faded to transparent from opaque smoothly and leaving the content beneath clearly revealed.

  1. Compression without loss

JPEG images when compressed automatically lose some of their originality and offer a degraded image quality. On the other hand GIF offers lossless image quality but supports only 256 color palette rendering it useless for complex full color photography. Here the PNG scores on both counts and it offers lossless compression and also support larger size photos.

  1. Gamma Correction

The primary problem faced by designers is the task of adjusting contrast and brightness of the images to suit a variety of operating systems and monitors. This is because of the different gamma correction system integrated in monitors and PNG greatly solve this problem because it has inbuilt gamma correction abilities.

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Major Web Development Factors

Are you planning to shift your business to the online platform? If yes, it will be time for you to get your entire strategy transferred to a new scheme without altering the basic ideology of your business. Instead of paying attention to the bunch of files for records, you must be attentive towards the fluent working of the database system. In addition, there are various other factors that you must pay attention for commercial web development project for your business.

The new online business platform gives the flexibility for the website designing project which in turn enables the company to target the specific section or group of society. While designing your websites, the target audience must be analyzed thoroughly as it is the main base upon which the whole design of the website layout depends. For instance, if the websites are developed for the kids, it will obviously be designed with cartoon characters and kiddy templates.

Just like the old business rule, the website owner must not overlook the overall budget of the project. This is because the web development alone does not guarantee the visitors unless it is promoted aptly. In simple words, the budget should be distributed among all the vital stages of website development, instead of getting focused only on a single factor.

At last, the interactivity of the theme of the website is the main base that boosts the targeted traffic. This means that the website layout must be interactive so that visitors take an interest while using it. This will help in converting the traffic to the potential customers for your business. It can be seen as the quality public dealing that used to fetch the customers on the conventional business platform. Overall, it is not the web development alone that will fetch you profit. The above factors are vital for getting the tight hold on the online commercial platform.

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