13 thoughts on “45 Twitter Tips That R Awesome-Sauce

  1. Wow. How ’bout I read through my reply before clicking post. Sorry about that. I have kids crawling all over me right now. 🙂

  2. Lol. The 140 characters or less is killer. My regular conversations with normal folks tend to suffer because of it now. I’m leaving out all sorts of pronouns and sound like I’m from another country. Thanks for responding. I thought you were way to big to write to lil’ ol’ me. 🙂 Tell me about your new social tool! I would love to review it on the vlog!

  3. Thanks for creating a video for our article Renae. We’re (happily) overwhelmed by the positive response. I would definitely recommend Twitter for marketing your brand. It’s how we were able to grow our blog readers, signups for our new social tool etc. And unlike Facebook, you can actually reach out to any Twitter user, so you don’t have to wait for them to come to you.

    I’ll admit though, it’s tricky getting started and trying to market your brand in 140 characters or less lol.

  4. Lol. I will NOT tell her that. She has asked for a dog every year for Christmas since she was tiny.

  5. that’s awesome…..tell her I’ll box Buddy up and send him to her for the weekend….have a LOT of food ready…

  6. I’m more into Facebook than I am Twitter but I’m willing to learn now that my Facebook Fans no longer see all of my posts. That Problogger guy swears by it so it can’t be that hard to learn. I have to tell you. I showed my daughter your bacon video and then showed her the video upon receiving the bacon. She laughed so hard. You and Wheezy Waiter are her favorite U Tubers now.

  7. I need to read a “twitter for absolute dummies” book because I will never understand twitter…….but I’ll check out the article…….have I mailed you bacon yet?

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